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Summer menu of Coffeeroom & Trattoria

A real Napoli pizza, American hit- sandwich with aromatic pastrami, super tender pastries in form of fruits, French eclairs a-la famous guru Cristophe Adam, the real apple marshmallows with taste of Bubble gum, homemade Italian ice cream, fresh lemonades with summer berries and herbs, Coffeeroom Spritz with ice cream, made of Aperol liquor and orange juice…- this is just example of new items of our summer menu and of course, we are so proud of it. All these dishes you would try only in Coffeeroom&Trattoria or abroad.

Opening of summer terrace Coffeeroom & Trattoria

The city with its hectic traffic is all around and we opened our oasis of tranquility. The summer terrace of Coffeeroom & Trattoria is ready for the guests. Come to enjoy the most beautiful panoramic views of the city, nice atmosphere and delicious food! Warm welcome is guaranteed!

St.Patrick's Day

On March 17 we celebrated the greenest holiday, a remarkable date for all Irish people- St.Patrick's Day! We made more noise than we did throughout the whole year! The evening's headliner was Sugarbeat. Our perky barmen gave beer to everybody and the most bearded and leprechaun-like guests got a mug of unique beer, which was distributed this day all over the Ireland! 

March 8 in Coffeeroom & Trattoria

On March 8, the most delightful spring's holiday, we were so happy to see you all! On this day the ladies had a few nice surprises: as a true gentleman, our pastry chef offered an exclusive sweet delicacies and our barman chef proposed the favorite drinks. The live flowers everywhere ensured a warm spring touch, while the groovy music from DJ Anna Queen created a good mood for the whole evening.  

23th of February

On February 23 in the Yard House Pub there was a day of males logic delight, admiration of bravery and courage, as well as a day of warm friendly gatherings accompanied by a mug of good beer.Even though this holiday stopped being official, we still celebrated it to the fullest!We spent that rock out Thursday together with our favorite Yorkers, and also, according to the glorious tradition of our pub, poured two kegs of Marston's Oyster Stout absolutely for free. 

St.Valentine's Day in Coffeeroom & Trattoria

St.Valentine's Day is the most romantic day, which shall be celebrated with the dearest ones, We prepared this evening for our guests, with harmonious combination of special offers, raffle and gifts in the atmosphere of love and comfort. A signature dessert from our Chef was offered to all our guests and our welcome drinks helped to make the spirits high.