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New bonus program of palladium family

Dear friends, we want to share great news with you!
In the first day of spring we launch a new bonus program all over the restaurant chain of Palladium family. More
You don't need to have a discount card anymore- the bonuses are gathered with the application for mobile phone!
We did many efforts to keep the Palladium family application simple, intuitive and easy-to-use.
It is as simple to accumulate the bonuses with it, as giving a discount card to a waitor! 
Now, when you pay a bill in any restaurant of the Palladium family chain, you get back 10% of your order to your application.
What to do with the accumulated bonuses? You can pay the other bills- fully or partially! 
The application works in all the restaurants of Palladium family chain: Coffeeroom, Trattoria, Yard House Pub, Tyubeteika chain, the Wine Rack and the Chinese restaurant "Beijing Duck".
Our application is available at App Store and at Google play.
Download, register and accumulate the bonuses easily!

New discount cards

Friends, we launched the sale of new discount cards with 15% discount, which are valid in all the restaurants of Palladium Family networks:
Yard House Pub;
Peking Duck;
Wine Rack.

One card costs 50 000 KZT.
You can buy new cards at the cash counters of our restaurants or ask our administrators for details.

Palladium Family, which provides you with 10% bonuses to your account every time you visit us. One can spend its accumulated bonuses in all the restaurants of our network.

Doscount cards for Coffeeroom, Trattoria and Yard House Pub are no more valid starting from May 1, 2018.

We wholeheartedly congratulate you on the spring holiday Nauryz

Dear friends!
We wholeheartedly congratulate you on the spring holiday Nauryz!
We wish you peace, love, warmth and renewal!
We invite you to celebrate this bright family holiday in Tyubeteyka.
Today all of the restaurants we serve a traditional national dish Nauryz-kozhe to our guests!
Come with your whole family, let’s celebrate together!

On March 8 in Coffeeroom&Trattoria

The holiday, when it is so nice to be a bit of a magician for dear women and make them happy with unexpected miracles!
In Coffeeroom&Trattoria we celebrate it two days – on March 8 and 9!
We will conjure miracles for you:
Magical welcome drink from #bacardimartinikz – make a wish when you clang glasses together, and it will come true!
Gorgeous desserts from the pastry chef and the legendary strawberry in chocolate are filled with love and good wishes!
DJ Anna Queen & Julia Bullet will charge you with good mood and positive energy!
Come to celebrate and be filled with joy and happiness! 
On March 8 and 9, Coffeeroom&Trattoria!
We are waiting for you!

February 23 is traditional holiday

Well, finally! The day when we have to surround our men with triple attention and care!

Our dear men, congratulations on February 23!

Though officially this is another date - February 23 is traditional holiday!

Let’s celebrate this day in Yard House Pub, raise our glasses and beer mugs “For our homeland, let’s sing “Dear officers” (Господа офицеры)!

Men who served and those who abstained, happy holiday to you!

It’s great that we have you!

And, yes, dear ladies, choosing a pair of socks as a gift, keep in mind an important thing - the way you make a gift on February 23, will predetermine the gift you get on March 8! Did you get the message?

New Year once again

New Year once again!
Let’s celebrate Chinese New Year at Peking duck restaurant!
There is hardly anyone who loves this holiday more than the Chinese, who celebrate it twice - together with the whole world and then their own!
We will join the great celebration of the Celestial Empire, and from February 16 to February 18 celebrate the Chinese New Year at Peking duck restaurant!
On this occasion we have prepared festive miracles for you:
Traditional jasmine tea and cookies with good divinations. We got informed from heaven - all good wishes will come true!
Delicious Chinese patties made by chefs from Shanghai - Zhu Bin and Chen Dan Dan.
Mandarins of well-being from the magic Tree of Wealth. They are not only delicious, they also attract money!
Prizes-for-all lottery of wonders - no one will leave without a gift! Everyone who chooses to participate in it, will get their piece of a miracle!
And don’t forget that Chinese New Year is a holiday being celebrated with family!
Take the whole family: children, parents, next of kin and come to celebrate in Peking duck restaurant.
We will celebrate the holiday starting from Friday and then all weekend, on February 16, 17 and 18. Our address:
3 Satpayev street, at the corner of Nazarbayev street.
Phone: +7 705 773 2323