News & Events

Coffeeroom celebrates 6 years

6 years - is it many or few? It is a good age, young, but of reason! Coffeeroom celebrates 6 years, and we was going to have a party! Tasty food, nice music, amazing Dei Fiory flowers and magnificent celebratory cake - it was tasty, interesting and sincerely!

We announce a ''sausage party'' in the Yard House Pub

Well, guys, let’s hang out with sausages? We announce a “sausage party” in the Yard House Pub: every day from pub’s opening until 8.00 PM, get sausages at the special 2900 tenge price and a free beer to it! Sausages are not simple, but the tastiest, craft, handmade following the ancient German recipes. It is a matter for a visit to the Yard House Pub once again, isn’t it?  

Taste the summer in Coffeefoom

July 6, 7 and 8, we had the fabulous holidays with a party “Taste the summer in Coffeefoom”. We treated guests with the revolutionary Coffeeroom Spritz cocktail, competed for prizes, enjoyed DJs and Max Lesnikov’s live performance. Let’s see the pictures and think back to how tasty and great it was! 

Eid Mubarak in ''Tyubeteika''

For the bright holiday of Eid Mubarak and in occasion of the sacred month of Ramada, the Tyubeteika teahouse prepared a copious dastarkhan (meal) for its beloved guestst- wtih the oriental sweets and fresh fruits! Wishing you a happy Eid Mubarak!

Opening of “Peking Duck”

Dear friends, We are happy to inform you that the Palladium Family of tasty restaurants has expanded by adding one more project! “Peking Duck” is a restaurant of imperial Chinese cuisine, the place where you can taste dishes of the chef from Shanghai. We have already opened doors of our new restaurant and we are inviting you to enjoy real Chinese imperial cuisine in Almaty. Our address is 3/220 Satpayeva st., at the corner of Furmanova st. Opening hours: 12pm – 12 am

Summer menu of Coffeeroom & Trattoria

A real Napoli pizza, American hit- sandwich with aromatic pastrami, super tender pastries in form of fruits, French eclairs a-la famous guru Cristophe Adam, the real apple marshmallows with taste of Bubble gum, homemade Italian ice cream, fresh lemonades with summer berries and herbs, Coffeeroom Spritz with ice cream, made of Aperol liquor and orange juice…- this is just example of new items of our summer menu and of course, we are so proud of it. All these dishes you would try only in Coffeeroom&Trattoria or abroad.