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"Wine Rack" represents a huge collection of wines from all the corners of the world! We have wines of the Old and New Worlds: Italy, France, Spain, USA, New Zealand, Chile and Argentina. 

This is a place where we collected almost 400 kinds of wines: more than 200 of them come directly from the famous wine houses of the Old World (France, Italy, Spain), 70 kinds of wines from the recognized winemakers of the New World (USA and New Zealand), and interesting specimens from the vineyards of South Africa. Popular varieties of wine and rare copies of the Grand Cru - you will find everything you need in "Wine Rack" .

Fans of champagne and sparkling wines are also welcome- we have prepared 50 varieties of champagne, including the legendary Cristal and Armand de Brignac for them.

"Wine Rack" works as a restaurant where the wine gourmets are waiting for new impressions, where you can sit with a glass of wine, accompanied by the dishes of Italian and Spanish cuisines. 

  • Maximum seating capacity: 20
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • More than 500 kinds of wine
  • Download menu

Our experienced cavistes will select the wine according to your taste, will tell everything about the grape variety, used for such a wine and they will advise the perfect combination for it. The wide range of the wines and prices will allow to choose both the affordable and luxury wines, which can serve as a gift for the special occasion.

Cozy interior, made of natural wood, warm light, excellent cuisine and great choice of wine- we are all convinced that the wine collection of Wine Rack will be your favourite wine bar in Almaty!


3 Satpayev St., Almaty