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Oriental cuisine

Opening Hours:

12:00 - 24:00

Average total bill:
KZT 5,000 – 7,000 per

Our new Tyubeteika Tea Restaurant has opened its doors in the heart of Almaty. We cook the best dishes of the Kazakh and Uzbek cuisines here, with all respect to the cultural and culinary traditions.
Tyubeteika Tea Restaurant at Abylai Khan Avenue is the largest and most spacious one in the network. Its interior environment will plunge you into  fabulous Bukhara, marvelous Samarkand or unique Khiva. The Restaurant’s mosaics, carpets, trestle-beds, and Oriental interior colors will make it real. It is the souls we have contributed to every brick that make the Restaurant a really exceptional and cozy place.
The Restaurant is an ideal venue to host warm family meetings, grand celebrations, and memorable events. Its 350 seats allow you to organize an ambitious party and invite numerous guests.
We have provided a games room for boys and girls where your children will be in the care of experienced entertainers while you are having a leisure time.

The cuisine at the new Tyubeteika Restaurant includes the best time-honored ethnic dishes. No one will be able to resist the temptation to come to us again. Is it really possible to refuse a melt-in-your-mouth cheburek meat pasty or hot flatbreads that have just been taken from a tandoor, or authentic Uzbek pilaf  being the apple of our Restaurant’s eyes (by the way, our Chief Cook knows over 100 pilaf  recipes)?
We will offer you to follow all these mouth-watering dishes with useful Camel milk, shubat, or flavory and exhilarating Tashkent tea.
Our Chief Cook is so meticulous about cooking that he orders rice and carrots for his signature pilaf solely from the Tashkent bazaar’s reputable sellers. All of our dishes are so fresh that everything is sold out by the evening.
We are waiting for you. Welcome to our dastarkhan!

  • Maximum seating capacity: 200
  • Summer terrace seats 150
  • Authentic Uzbek pilaf
  • Unique interior design with traditional motives
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Download menu

Our chef believes that one must cook only when in good spirits. Just add a bit of your soul in every dish you cook, that is his motto and secret ingredient.
With over 100 pilaf recipes and 40 years of experience under his belt, 10 years ago he opened the first Tubeteika, and he is still the heart and soul of our restaurant chain.
Ever since he was a child cooking was his passion. He used to spend all his free time in the kitchen helping to his father, who was also a cook. So he was destined to become a chef.
Sabit Aka is an expert and connoisseur of the Central Asian cuisine. He believes it to be his calling.


Sabit Aka Sabit Aka

Sabit Aka

125 Abylay Khan Ave Abai Ave 
(corner of Zhambyl St.)