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Beijing Duck

Chinese cuisine

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12:00AM - 01:00AM

Average total bill:
KZT 6000 – 10000 per
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The Peking Duck restaurant is the place where you can enjoy real Chinese cuisine. Menu of the restaurant offers dishes of imperial Chinese and Cantonese cuisines. These cuisines are significantly different from dishes of other regions of China, they focus on preserving natural taste of products, minimization of seasoning, exquisiteness and delicacy of taste. Taste sensations and additions are achieved by using sauces, which are available in great variety and each with its own nuance of taste.

The imperial Chinese cuisine is famous in the world for its richness in seafood and fish dishes. It originates from coastal areas where seafood was always abundant.

Most of dishes are cooked in wok and steamed. A real wok, like in China, is used; dishes are cooked over an open fire at very high temperature. Thanks to that, dish ingredients are cooked in a split second and do not lose its qualities; their crust is tender and crispy and it ‘locks’ and preserves juice and qualities of the initial product.

Interior of the restaurants reechoes minimalism of the cuisine: calm harmonious details and minimal decoration. Materials used in menu and interior decoration - eсopaper, wood – convey harmony and equilibrium.


After completion of the culinary art courses, Chu Bing worked for a long time at Jin Mao Tower, one of the largest restaurant facilities of Shanghai, located at Hyatt hotel. He worked as an executif chief and he perfected his mastership in cooking the Cantonese dishes. In 2007 he arrived to Kazakhstan according to the special invitation of Palladium Family management. Chu Bing's signature dish is the Peking duck and many guests of our restaurant already had a chance to appreciate this dish of our chef. Chu Bing and his team use all their expertise and talent to create true culinaty masterpieces, rendering a tribute to the Chinese cuisine. 

Recently, the second invited chef - Chen Dan Dan, a top-level expert from Shanghai, had joined the team of Palladium Family. Chen Dang Dang previousely worked at the elite restaurant Jing-An at the Hilton Shanghai hotel and now he joined the team of Palladium Family. "Peking Duck" is the only restaurant in Almaty, where one can meet two top-level Chinese chefs, working together.


3/220 Satpayev St., Almaty