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Opening Hours:

12:00PM - 01:00AM

Average total bill:
KZT 15,000 – 18,000
per person

Palladium is respectable restaurant with 10 years of history, five-star service, elegant interior design that serves exquisite and impeccable food. Our cooks are experts in European, Italian and Cantonese cuisines.  Over the years many of our guests turned into our dear friends who have developed a habit of celebrating their festive occasions with us.

Upscale and solemn interior design creates an ambience of truly European restaurant: a terrace with a  splendid view of the mountains and several uniquely designed halls. Our Piano Bar which seats 40 has a Schimmel crystal grand piano that serves as its main attraction. The Piano Bar's specialty is fresh seafood proudly cooked by our Chef.


The Palladium chefs can make any delicacy or specialties for you. Italian food accounts for most of our menu and the Cantonese dishes only accentuate our uniqueness. We invited Shanghai cooks so that you could relish the high Chinese cuisine in all its gourmet exquisiteness. The secret to their culinary masterpieces is in exceptionally fresh products and very moderate use of spices, which preserves natural flavor of main ingredients.

  • Maximum seating capacity: 60
  • Summer terrace seats 100
  • Diverse wine list
  • European and Cantonese Cuisines
  • Download menu

Brilliant Dmitry began his culinary path at the prestigious Moscow restaurants under the direction of the best local chefs. His mentors were also chefs from Europe, where he went trough his internship.

Dmitry admits: "In order to get a tasty dish, you need to cook it just as you would prepare it for yourself!"

Krasnov Dmitry Krasnov Dmitry

Krasnov Dmitry

275B  Nazarbayev Av.
(above Al Farabi), Almaty