About us

Palladium Family was established in 2006. Over its 10 years of operation, it grew to become one of the leading chains in Kazakhstan's catering industry. Our patrons love our restaurant chain outlets for invariably high quality of food and services.

 Palladium Family restaurant projects suit tastes of diverse audiences. Business people will prefer to have a meeting in Coffeeroom, families will opt for a Sunday lunch at Trattoria, live music and beer fans will become the Yard House denizens, and the Central Asian cuisine connoisseurs will enjoy the Tubeteika's pilaf. 

 We are also proud of the Palladium restaurant complex. Its Events Hall has long become popular among the Almaty residents.

 Palladium Family  has a number of successful projects. We are a dynamic and diverse company that soon launches new restaurant projects, and we are not ready to rest!